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Solving VGM through SaaS

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The International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulation under the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) requires shippers to provide a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) for every packed container as a condition for vessel loading.

This takes effect from July 1, 2016.


Current Safety Issues

in the shipping industry

The discrepancy between the declared and actual gross mass of a packed container can lead to incorrect vessel stowage decisions and consequentially major accidents.


our focus

Our software creates a collaborative ecosystem between all landside parties, load point, shipper, driver, booking party, terminal and shipping line.

This ecosystem allows all parties in the landside supply chain to be compliant with SOLAS,VGM requirements as of the 1st of July 2016.

This process can be used for both
method 1 and method 2 shippers.


The Solution

Once the SOLAS regulation takes effect, our software will aid in streamlining these new processes. It will allow businesses to create their own ecosystems with supply chain parties. Through these ecosystems, the VGM will be provided to the terminal, before Gate In event.

The VGM process can be standardized through mobile and desktop technology. This will reduce additional supply chain costs while being compliant with the SOLAS Regulation.


The Process


The Software

Our SOLAS VGM software allows data to be collected earlier in the supply chain, with any party in the supply chain able to view the data which has been created between parties in the ecosystem.

The mobile app is suited to load points, weigh bridges and drivers.

The web application is suitable for office based staff monitoring the loading of the containers and creation of shipping documents based on details surrounding the container.

The shipping lines booking number is the unique reference along with the container, which links parties together. Shippers allow access to their supply chain via authorization to parties within the supply chain through the application.

Weigh bridge tickets along with any other paperwork can be uploaded at this point to the cloud, via Android or Apple operating systems. This allows a clear audit trail of the VGM and final sign off by the shipper to the shipping line.

It’s as simple as ­ Weigh > Upload > Inform

App available for download soon – Please register through our contact page

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SOLAS Software Features

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