Feature List

  • Mobile & Cellular Phone Application (iTunes & Google Play Store).
  • Best used in the Trucking Industry for ports where there is NO VGM / NO GATE IN.
  • Store Pictures from mobile device and upload to SolasVGM™.
  • Single VGM entry.
  • Multiple VGM entry – copy details across and edit between containers.
  • Bulk Upload.
    • Use our custom bulk upload spreadsheet !
    • Upload Spreadsheets from your suppliers or other 3rd parties into SolasVGM™ !
    • Multi Carrier.
    • Multi Booking.
    • Daily VGM updates can be uploaded into SolasVGM™.
  • Ecosystem
    • Invite suppliers, truckers and logistics parties to create an account for SolasVGM™.
    • Users from external companies can submit VGMs to your system for review all we need is your booking number to be updated in SolasVGM™ .
    • Enables loads to be performed outside of standard business hours.
    • Acceleration of data from load point into your desktop.
    • Invite suppliers or 3rd parties to connect to SolasVGM™ via API.
  • Inttra (We are an INTTRA partner)
    • Connected to all INTTRA carriers on eVGM program.
  • Blockchain
    • Enabled for Blockchain, increasing trust and audit process.
    • Our first ever transaction is HERE

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